Niblick Premium Fairway Cover


This genuine leather headcover is part of The Golf Company's Premium Collection. Part of the Niblick range, this headcover is made from a premium leather material with water resistant chemical application to ensure durability and retention of its premium look and feel.

Among the wooden-shafted historical golf clubs in use prior to the 20th Century, the "niblick," in its use, was most equivalent to a modern 9-iron or wedge.

That doesn't necessarily mean the niblick looked like a modern 9-iron or wedge, though. In fact, the farther back in time you go, the less like a modern short-iron/wedge the niblick appeared. But its use was always to gouge golf balls out of tight spaces.

The TGC Niblick range features simple embossing on the front showing the TGC logo and Club indicator. The interior of the headcover is made from a soft white lining.  The Niblick range is available in Driver, Fairway, Rescue, Blade and Mallet Putter Covers. 

This Fairway Cover, made from Genuine Leather is designed to fit all fairway wood heads. 


  • Full single colour embroidery
  • Water Repellent Genuine Leather
  • Fleece Lining

Fairway Headcover measures:

  • Top: 140mm
  • Middle: 120mm
  • Bottom: 130mm
  • Length: 180mm

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